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commemorates Saint Peter's miraculous deliverance from prison; a quarter day in Scotland; a harvest festival in England August 1 , Lammas , Lammas Day
harvest a crop combine
butterfishes: harvest fishes; dollar fishes family Stromateidae , Stromateidae
Old World harvest mice genus Micromyx , Micromyx
New World harvest mice genus Reithrodontomys , Reithrodontomys
harvest flies genus Tibicen , Tibicen
someone who helps to gather the harvest harvester , reaper
moon after harvest moon hunter's moon
tenth month of the Revolutionary calendar (June and July); the month of harvest Messidor
stalks left behind after a harvest stubble
first month of the Revolutionary calendar (September and October); the month of the grape harvest Vendemiaire
wine from a particular harvest or crop vintage
grave harvest, yield vintage
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