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hazel of western United States with conspicuous beaklike involucres on the nuts beaked hazelnut , Corylus cornuta
nut having a hard hazel-brown shell used like vegetable ivory coquilla nut
deciduous monoecious nut-bearing shrubs of small trees: hazel; sometimes placed in the subfamily or family Corylaceae Corylus , genus Corylus
nut, hazel- filbert
genus of fossil plants of the Oligocene having flowers resembling those of the witch hazel; found in Baltic region genus Hamamelidanthum , Hamamelidanthum
genus of fossil plants having wood identical with or similar to that of the witch hazel genus Hamamelidoxylon , Hamamelidoxylon
deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazel genus Hamamelis , Hamamelis
genus of fossil plants having leaves similar to those of the witch hazel genus Hamamelites , Hamamelites
fine-grained wood of a hazelnut tree (genus Corylus) and the hazel tree (Australian genus Pomaderris) hazel
lotion consisting of an astringent alcoholic solution containing an extract from the witch hazel plant witch hazel , wych hazel
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