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semiaquatic plant that grows in soft wet land; most are monocots: sedge, sphagnum, grasses, cattails, etc; possibly heath bog plant , marsh plant , swamp plant
pipe made from the root (briarroot) of the tree heath briar , briar pipe
common Old World heath represented by many varieties; low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere broom , Calluna vulgaris , heather , ling , Scots heather
one species: spike heath Bruckenthalia , genus Bruckenthalia
heath of mountains of western United States having bell-shaped white flowers Cassiope mertensiana , white heather
type genus of the Epacridaceae: Australian heath genus Epacris
soil that develops in temperate to cold moist climates under coniferous or heath vegetation; an organic mat over a grey leached layer podsol , podsolic soil , podsol soil , podzol , podzol soil
prostrate weedy herb with tiny pink flowers; widespread throughout Europe and Asia on sand dunes and heath and coastal cliffs; naturalized in eastern North America sand spurry , sea spurry , Spergularia rubra
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