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nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission (splitting the nuclei of a heavy element like uranium 235 or plutonium 239) A-bomb , atom bomb , atomic bomb , fission bomb , plutonium bomb
African tree having hard heavy odorless wood African mahogany
vehicular brake that operates by compressed air; especially for heavy vehicles airbrake
tall timber tree with hard heavy pinkish or light brown wood alpine ash , Eucalyptus delegatensis , mountain oak
swimming birds having heavy short-legged bodies and bills with a horny tip: swans; geese; ducks Anatidae , family Anatidae
kind of heavy jacket (`windcheater' is a British term) anorak , parka , windbreaker , windcheater
heavy block of iron or steel on which hot metals are shaped by hammering anvil
heavy metal block used for metal working anvil
medieval artillery used during sieges; a heavy war engine for hurling large stones and other missiles arbalest , arbalist , ballista , bricole , catapult , mangonel , onager , trebuchet , trebucket
marine bivalve mollusk having a heavy toothed shell with a deep boat-like inner surface ark shell
wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs arras , tapestry
guns, heavy military artillery , battery , ordnance
tall tropical American timber tree especially abundant in eastern Brazil; yields hard strong durable zebrawood with straight grain and dark strips on a pinkish to yellowish ground; widely used for veneer and furniture and heavy construction Astronium fraxinifolium , goncalo alves
bomb working off fission of heavy atomic nuclei atomic bomb , fission bomb
common nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens; best known as a heavy yellow irritating toxic gas; used to purify water and as a bleaching agent and disinfectant; occurs naturally only as a salt (as in sea water) atomic number 17 , chlorine , Cl
heavy ductile magnetic metallic element; is silver-white in pure form but readily rusts; used in construction and tools and armament; plays a role in the transport of oxygen by the blood atomic number 26 , Fe , iron
nonmetallic largely pentavalent heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens; found in sea water atomic number 35 , Br , bromine
heavy grey-white metallic element; the pure form is used mainly in electrical applications; it is found in several ores including wolframite and scheelite atomic number 74 , tungsten , W , wolfram
rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some alloys; is obtained as a by-product in refining molybdenum atomic number 75 , Re , rhenium
heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group; used in alloys; occurs in natural alloys with platinum or osmium atomic number 77 , Ir , iridium
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