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rotor consisting of a rotating airfoil on the tail of a single-rotor helicopter; keeps the helicopter from spinning in the direction opposite to the rotation of the main rotor anti-torque rotor , tail rotor
helicopter that carries cargo cargo helicopter
United States industrialist (born in Russia) who designed the first four-engine airplane and the first mass-produced helicopter (1889-1972) Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky , Igor Sikorsky , Sikorsky
one of two parts of the landing gear of a helicopter landing skid
rotor consisting of large rotating airfoils on a single-rotor helicopter that produce the lift to support the helicopter in the air main rotor
long airfoil that rotates to provide the lift that supports a helicopter in the air rotary wing , rotor blade
helicopter propeller rotor
axis around which the major rotor of a helicopter turns rotor head , rotor shaft
helicopter that shuttles back and forth shuttle helicopter
helicopter having a single rotor single-rotor helicopter
helicopter carrying a reel of steel cable that can be used to lift and transport heavy objects skyhook
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