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medieval helmet with a visor and a neck guard armet
medieval helmet armet , sallet
medieval steel helmet basinet
helmet worn by the batter in baseball batting helmet
movable piece of armor on a medieval helmet used to protect the lower face beaver
helmet hinged front beaver , ventail , visor
metal helmet worn by common soldiers in the 16th century cabasset , morion
woman's close-fitting hat that resembles a helmet cloche
duck-billed dinosaur with nasal passages that expand into a crest like a hollow helmet corythosaur , corythosaurus
padded helmet worn by people riding bicycles or motorcycles; protects the head in case of accidents crash helmet
(heraldry) in medieval times, an emblem used to decorate a helmet crest
hole (as in a helmet) for sound to reach the ears ear hole
padded helmet with a face mask to protect the head of football players football helmet
organ shaped like a helmet; usually a vaulted and enlarged petal as in Aconitum galea
lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers hard hat , safety hat , tin hat
protective helmet for the head headpiece
large medieval helmet supported on the shoulders heaume
any of several orchids of the genus Coryanthes having racemes of a few musky-scented waxy flowers with a helmet-shaped lip process helmetflower , helmet orchid
herbaceous plant of the genus Scutellaria which has a calyx that, when inverted, resembles a helmet with its visor raised helmetflower , skullcap
scarf that covers a knight's helmet lambrequin
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