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order of aquatic monocotyledonous herbaceous plants Alismales , Naiadales , order Alismales , order Naiadales
tuberous or rhizomatous herbaceous perennials Arisaema , genus Arisaema
shrubby or herbaceous low-growing evergreen perennials Armeria , genus Armeria
fast-growing herbaceous evergreen tree of South America having a broad trunk with high water content and dark green oval leaves bella sombra , ombu , Phytolacca dioica
either of two herbaceous rushlike bog plants having small yellow flowers and grasslike leaves; north temperate regions bog asphodel
shrubby or herbaceous plants widely used for forage, soil improvement, and especially hay in southern United States bush clover , lespedeza
herbaceous vine of tropical America and Africa Cardiospermum grandiflorum , heartseed
persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant caudex , stock
herbaceous perennials: shellflower Chelone , genus Chelone
family of herbaceous vines (such cucumber or melon or squash or pumpkin) Cucurbitaceae , family Cucurbitaceae , gourd family
dwarf herbaceous elder of Europe having pink flowers and a nauseous odor danewort , dwarf elder , Sambucus ebulus
tuberous herbaceous perennials: dragon arum Dracunculus , genus Dracunculus
herbaceous perennials of Mediterranean to India and eastern Asia Epimedium , genus Epimedium
chiefly herbaceous plants with showy flowers; some are cultivated as ornamentals family Gentianaceae , Gentianaceae , gentian family
chiefly herbaceous plants family Geraniaceae , Geraniaceae , geranium family
grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane family Graminaceae , family Gramineae , family Poaceae , Graminaceae , Gramineae , grass family , Poaceae
herbaceous or woody climbers family Menispermaceae , Menispermaceae , moonseed family
chiefly tropical herbaceous plants (including shrubs and trees) with racemose flowers: genera Phytolacca, Agdestis, Ercilla, Rivina, Trichostigma family Phytolaccaceae , Phytolaccaceae , pokeweed family
tropical woody vines and herbaceous plants having aromatic herbage and minute flowers in spikelets family Piperaceae , pepper family , Piperaceae
widely distributed family of chiefly herbaceous plants of the order Polemoniales; often have showy flowers family Polemoniaceae , phlox family , Polemoniaceae
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