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artery that supplies the hip joint and thigh muscles arteria circumflexa femoris , circumflex artery of the thigh
branches of the internal iliac artery that supply the hip joint and gluteal region arteria glutes , gluteal artery
metal or plastic part that is surgically implanted to replace a natural joint (possibly elbow or wrist but usually hip or knee) artificial joint
wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hip baldric , baldrick
disease seen in patients with lung cancer and characterized by weakness and fatigue of hip and thigh muscles and an aching back; caused by antibodies directed against the neuromuscular junctions carcinomatous myopathy , Eaton-Lambert syndrome , Lambert-Eaton syndrome , myasthenic syndrome
either of two veins that accompany arteries of the same name serving the hip and thigh circumflex femoral vein , vena circumflexus femoris
hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings haunch
tile shaped so as to cover the hip of a hip roof hip tile
line formed by measuring the hip at its greatest part hipline
line formed by the lower edge of hip-length garment hipline
Hawaiian dance with undulating hip movement and hand and arm gestures hula , hula-hula
hip roof having two slopes on each side mansard , mansard roof
point one third of the way along a line drawn from the hip to the umbilicus; the point of maximum sensitivity in acute appendicitis McBurney's point
vein formed by the union of tributaries that drain the hip joints and thigh muscles; empties into the internal iliac vein obturator vein , vena obturatoria
upper part of a leg between the hip and knee thigh
part of the leg between the hip and the knee thigh
body between hip and neck torso , trunk
armor plate that protects the hip and thigh tuille
(ballet) the outward rotation of a dancer's leg from the hip turnout
waterproof hip boots (sometimes extending to the chest) worn by anglers waders
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