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edible yellow fruit of the Jamaica honeysuckle bell apple , sweet cup , water lemon , yellow granadilla
bush honeysuckle of southeastern United States having large crowded clusters of sulfur-yellow flowers bush honeysuckle , Diervilla sessilifolia
honeysuckle shrub of southern Russia to central Asia bush honeysuckle , Lonicera tatarica , Tartarian honeysuckle
evergreen North American honeysuckle vine having coral-red or orange flowers coral honeysuckle , Lonicera sempervirens , trumpet flower , trumpet honeysuckle , trumpet vine
variety of Japanese honeysuckle that grows like a vine; established as an aggressive escape in southeastern United States Hall's honeysuckle , Lonicera japonica halliana
shrub honeysuckle with drooping spikes of purplish flowers Himalaya honeysuckle , Leycesteria formosa
Asiatic trailing evergreen honeysuckle with half-evergreen leaves and fragrant white flowers turning yellow with age; has become a weed in some areas Japanese honeysuckle , Lonicera japonica
bushy honeysuckle with twining branches and white or yellow-white flowers; southern United States Lonicera albiflora , white honeysuckle
shrubby honeysuckle with purple flowers; western North America Lonicera involucrata , twinberry
grey deciduous honeysuckle shrub paired white flowers turning yellow; Japan Lonicera morrowii , Morrow's honeysuckle
European twining honeysuckle with fragrant red and yellow-white flowers Lonicera periclymenum , woodbine
shrub growing in swamps throughout the eastern United States and having small white to pinkish flowers resembling honeysuckle Rhododendron viscosum , swamp azalea , swamp honeysuckle , white honeysuckle
variety of fly honeysuckle swamp fly honeysuckle
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