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attainment of a position of honor accession
gift or honor, to present as accord , bestow , confer , endow with , invest with
prearranged fight with deadly weapons by two people (accompanied by seconds) in order to settle a quarrel over a point of honor affaire d'honneur , duel
(Judaism) the honor of being called up to the reading desk in the synagogue to read from the Torah aliyah
Florentine navigator who explored the coast of South America; America was named in his honor (1454-1512) Americus Vespucius , Amerigo Vespucci , Vespucci
orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus ( Bacchanalia , Dionysia
member of the British order of honor; ranks below a baron but above a knight baronet , Bart
bestow religious honor beatify
saint, honor person in first step toward declaring them a beatify
honor, to regard with beatify , exalt , hallow , reverence , venerate
honor, to present an bestow , confer
act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift bestowal , bestowment , conferment , conferral
honor or award gained for excellence blue ribbon , cordon bleu
someone who is considered for something (for an office or prize or honor etc.) candidate , prospect
honor or mark celebrate
monument built to honor soldiers who died in a war cenotaph
award or honor citation , commendation
honor the memory of with ceremony commemorate
ceremony to honor the memory of someone or something commemoration , memorialisation , memorialization
object (such as a coin or postage stamp) made to mark an event or honor a person commemorative
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