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volcano in central Honshu near Nagano; one of the largest volcanoes in Japan (8,340 feet) Asama , Mount Asama
second largest of the four main islands of Japan; north of Honshu Ezo , Hokkaido , Yezo
extinct volcano in south central Honshu that is the highest peak in Japan; last erupted in 1707; famous for its symmetrical snow-capped peak; a sacred mountain and site for pilgrimages Fuji , Fuji-san , Fujinoyama , Fujiyama , Mount Fuji
port city on the southwestern coast of Honshu in Japan; on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was almost completely destroyed by the first atomic bomb dropped on a populated area Hiroshima
arm of the Pacific Ocean in southern Japan; surrounded by the islands of Honshu and Shikoku and Kyushu and linked to the Sea of Japan by a narrow channel; the chief port is Hiroshima Inland Sea
suspension bridge between Kyushu and Honshu Kammon Strait Bridge
port city in Japan on Osaka Bay in southern Honshu; was damaged by an earthquake in 1995 Kobe
city in central Japan on southern Honshu; a famous cultural center that was once the capital of Japan Kyoto
city in central Honshu northwest of Tokyo; site of a Buddhist shrine Nagano
industrial city in southern Honshu Nagoya
city of east central Honshu; a suburb of Tokyo Omiya
port city on southern Honshu on Osaka Bay; a commercial and industrial center of Japan Osaka
bay of the western Pacific in southern Honshu Osaka Bay
smallest of the four main islands of Japan; south of Honshu and east of Kyushu; separated from Honshu by the Inland Sea; forested and mountainous Shikoku
Japanese city in southern Honshu on the Pacific shore Toyohashi
Japanese city in southern Honshu; main residential suburb of Osaka Toyonaki
industrial city of Japan in southern Honshu Toyota
port city on southeastern Honshu in central Japan Yokohama
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