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glaucoma in which the iris blocks the outflow of aqueous humor acute glaucoma , angle-closure glaucoma
having a vulgar humor bawdy
United States comedian known for his timeing and delivery and self-effacing humor (1894-1974) Benjamin Kubelsky , Benny , Jack Benny
ill humor bile
United States filmmaker (born in Austria) whose dark humor infused many of the films he made (1906-2002) Billy Wilder , Samuel Wilder , Wilder
humor that was once believed to be secreted by the kidneys or spleen and to cause sadness and melancholy black bile , melancholy
comedy that uses black humor black comedy
drama of shocking black humor black comedy
(French) happiness and good humor bonheur
theatrical entertainment of broad and earthy humor; consists of comic skits and short turns (and sometimes striptease) burlesque
circular canal in the eye that drains aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye into the anterior ciliary veins canal of Schlemm , Schlemm's canal , sinus venosus sclerae
humor that was once believed to be secreted by the liver and to cause irritability and anger choler , yellow bile
language or humor that is down-to-earth coarseness , saltiness
drama of satire and light humor with happy resolution commedia dell'arte
comedy characterized by grim or satiric humor; a comedy having gloomy or disturbing elements dark comedy
Russian novelist who wrote of human suffering with humor and psychological insight (1821-1881) Dostoevski , Dostoevsky , Dostoyevsky , Feodor Dostoevski , Feodor Dostoevsky , Feodor Dostoyevsky , Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevski , Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky , Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky , Fyodor Dostoevski , Fyodor Dostoevsky , Fyodor Dostoyevsky , Fyodo
humor using words with two meanings double entendre
playful humor facetiousness
whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor) flagellum , scourge
spots before the eyes caused by opaque cell fragments in the vitreous humor and lens floater , muscae volitantes , musca volitans , spots
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