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rude expression intended to offend or hurt abuse , contumely , insult , revilement , vilification
accident that results in physical damage or hurt accidental injury , injury
hurt or offend, to alienate , antagonize , estrange
offend and hurt alienate , antagonize , estrange
symptom of some physical hurt or disorder hurting , pain
property of being invulnerable; the property of being incapable of being hurt (physically or emotionally) invulnerability
hurt with harsh criticism, to lacerate , scarify
belt attaching you to some object as a restraint in order to prevent you from getting hurt life belt , safety belt , safety harness
hurt another's feelings offend
prolonged mental hurt scar
feelings, to hurt someone's scarify
easily hurt sensitive
support for hurt arm sling
compensation for hurt feelings solatium
malicious desire to hurt someone spite
hurt reputation tarnish
cause to hurt, be uncomfortable trouble
hurt one's feelings or reputation wound
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