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hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter abiogenesis , autogenesis , autogeny , spontaneous generation
life from nonliving matter, hypothetical creation of abiogenesis , autogenesis , spontaneous generation
hypothetical universal solvent once sought by alchemists alcahest , alkahest , universal solvent
hypothetical organism formerly thought to be intermediate between apes and human beings ape-man , missing link
salt of the hypothetical dichromic acid bichromate , dichromate
hypothetical computer logic pathway biochip
hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it black body , blackbody , full radiator
hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists catholicon , cure-all , nostrum , panacea
(cosmology) a hypothetical one-dimensional subatomic particle having a concentration of energy and the dynamic properties of a flexible loop cosmic string , string
(cosmology) a hypothetical form of matter that is believed to make up 90 percent of the matter in the universe; it is invisible (does not absorb or emit light) and does not collide with atomic particles but exerts gravitational force dark matter
hypothetical acid (H2Cr2O7) from which dichromates are derived; known only in solution and in the form of dichromate salts dichromic acid
(biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms elan vital , life force , vital force , vitality
hypothetical substance believed to maintain life indefinitely; once sought by alchemists elixir of life
hypothetical substance that the alchemists believed to be capable of changing base metals into gold elixir , philosopher's stone , philosophers' stone
inference about the future (or about some hypothetical situation) based on known facts and observations extrapolation
hypothetical unit in theory of relativity fourth dimension
hypothetical description of a complex entity or process framework , model , theoretical account
hypothetical continent that (according to plate tectonic theory) broke up later into India and Australia and Africa and South America and Antarctica Gondwanaland
hypothetical possibility, circumstance, statement, proposal, situation, etc. hypothetical
hypothetical gas with molecules of negligible size that exert no intermolecular forces ideal gas , perfect gas
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