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example or ideal archetype , avatar , epitome , exemplar , incarnation
ideal example of a type archetype , exemplar , prototype
(physics) a point in the ideal multidimensional phase space that is used to describe a system toward which the system tends to evolve regardless of the starting conditions of the system attracter , attractor
ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept beau ideal , idol , paragon , perfection
electromagnetic radiation that would be radiated from an ideal black body; the distribution of energy in the radiated spectrum of a black body depends only on temperature and is determined by Planck's radiation law black-body radiation , blackbody radiation
constant used in the calculation of the ideal gas constant Boltzmann's constant
pressure of an ideal gas at constant temperature varies inversely with the volume Boyle's law , Mariotte's law
(physics) the density of an ideal gas at constant pressure varies inversely with the temperature Charles's law , Gay-Lussac's law , law of volumes
ideal in terms of which something can be judged criterion , standard
(psychoanalysis) the part of the ego that contains an ideal of personal excellence toward which a person strives ego ideal
place or condition of ideal happiness Elysium
ideal example of virtue or vice embodiment , incarnation , personification
artist's ideal ethos
beau ideal example , model , standard
ideal falling motion of something subject only to a gravitational field free fall
portrayal of something as ideal glorification , idealisation , idealization
(classical mythology) the first and best age of the world, a time of ideal happiness, prosperity, and innocence; by extension, any flourishing and outstanding period Golden Age
middle or average, ideal golden mean
situation that is ideal for rapid development (especially of something bad) hotbed
impracticality by virtue of thinking of things in their ideal form rather than as they really are idealism
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