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space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth air space , airspace
loss of memory for events immediately following a trauma; sometimes in effect for events during and for a long time following the trauma anterograde amnesia , posttraumatic amnesia
lowest part of an entablature; rests immediately on the capitals of the columns architrave
immediately upon as soon as
immediately below the A-horizon; contains deposits of organic matter leached from surface soils B-horizon , B horizon
boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary border , margin , perimeter
drink to follow immediately after another drink chaser
noticeable, immediately conspicuous , glaring , patent , prominent , pronounced , unmistakable
time of day immediately following sunset crepuscle , crepuscule , dusk , evenfall , fall , gloam , gloaming , nightfall , twilight
actor's line that immediately precedes and serves as a reminder for some action or speech cue
toxic condition characterized by convulsions and possibly coma during or immediately after pregnancy eclampsia
King of England who was crowned at the age of 13 on the death of his father Edward IV but was immediately confined to the Tower of London where he and his younger brother were murdered (1470-1483) Edward , Edward V
life insurance for a specified amount which is payable to the insured person at the expiration of a certain period of time or to a designated beneficiary immediately upon the death of the insured endowment insurance
follow immediately after ensue , supervene
period immediately before something eve
place for storing and preserving corneas that are obtained from human corpses immediately after death; used for corneal transplantation to patients with corneal defects eye bank
lower and stouter of the two glumes immediately enclosing the floret in most Gramineae flowering glume , lemma
international boundary or the area (often fortified) immediately inside the boundary frontier
(sports) the area immediately in front of the goal goalmouth
(Roman Catholic Church) an antiphon (usually from the Book of Psalms) immediately after the epistle at Mass gradual
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