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space for one line of print (one column wide and 1/14 inch deep) used to measure advertising agate line , line
one or more recordings issued together; originally released on 12-inch phonograph records (usually with attractive record covers) and later on cassette audio tape and compact disc album , record album
Australian conifer bearing two-inch seeds tasting like roasted chestnuts; among the aborigines the tree is hereditary property protected by law Araucaria bidwillii , bunya bunya , bunya bunya tree
volume of a piece of wood 1 foot square and 1 inch thick board foot
volume equal to a cube one inch on each side cubic inch , cu in
inch long mollusk imported accidentally from Europe; clogs utility inlet pipes and feeds on edible freshwater mussels Dreissena polymorpha , zebra mussel
linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing em , pica , pica em
long bean pods always sliced into half-inch lengths; a favorite in Britain English runner bean , runner bean , scarlet runner , scarlet runner bean
round one-inch Caribbean fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp; eaten like grapes genip , Spanish lime
ceremonial four-inch curved dagger that Sikh men are obliged to wear at all times kirpan
linear unit (1/40 inch) used to measure diameter of buttons ligne
6-inch tall inhabitant of Lilliput in a novel by Jonathan Swift Lilliputian
two- to three-inch tropical fruit with juicy flesh suggestive of both peaches and pineapples mangosteen
number of opening per inch of a screen; measures size of particles mesh
unit of length equal to one thousandth of an inch; used to specify thickness (e.g., of sheets or wire) mil
type in which 10 characters exist in one inch pica
linear unit used to measure the size of type; approximately 1/72 inch point
(computer science) the number of pixels per square inch on a computer-generated display; the greater the resolution, the better the picture resolution
unit of area equal to one inch by one inch square sq in , square inch
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