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port and fashionable resort city on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico; known for beaches and water sports (including cliff diving) Acapulco , Acapulco de Juarez
family of trees and shrubs of order Sapindales including the maples Aceraceae , family Aceraceae , maple family
morbid fear of sounds including your own voice acousticophobia , phonophobia
coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn corals Acropora , genus Acropora
sessile marine coelenterates including solitary and colonial polyps; the medusoid phase is entirely suppressed actinozoan , anthozoan
any of a group of viruses including those that in humans cause upper respiratory infections or infectious pinkeye adenovirus
legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood; the adopted child is entitled to all privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parents (including the right to inherit) adoption
season including the four Sundays preceding Christmas Advent
ancient name for the coastal region of northwestern Asia Minor (including Lesbos) Aeolia , Aeolis
toxic mixture of gases (including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and nitrogen) after an explosion of firedamp in a mine afterdamp
large family including many familiar mushrooms Agaricaceae , family Agaricaceae
type genus of Agaricaceae; gill fungi having brown spores and including several edible species Agaricus , genus Agaricus
eel-shaped vertebrate without jaws or paired appendages including the cyclostomes and some extinct forms agnathan , jawless fish , jawless vertebrate
federal department that administers programs that provide services to farmers (including research and soil conservation and efforts to stabilize the farming economy); created in 1862 Agriculture , Agriculture Department , Department of Agriculture , USDA
genus of birds of the family Meleagrididae including the ocellated turkey Agriocharis , genus Agriocharis
caryophylloid dicot genus including corn cockles Agrostemma , genus Agrostemma
cut of beef including the H-shaped rump bone aitchbone
terrorist organization formed in Pakistan in 2002 as a coalition of extremist Islamic militant groups including Lashkar-e-Taiba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Jaish-e-Muhammad and elements of al-Qaeda Al Qanoon , Lashkar-e-Omar
surveying instrument consisting of the upper movable part of a theodolite including the telescope and its attachments alidad , alidade
annual publication including weather forecasts and other miscellaneous information arranged according to the calendar of a given year almanac , farmer's calendar
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