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passing reference or indirect mention allusion
indirect mention allusion
quality characterized by indirect reference allusiveness
style that involves indirect ways of expressing things ambage , circumlocution , periphrasis
suggestion or hint, indirect or subtle aspersion , imputation , innuendo , insinuation
indirect suggestion breath , hint , intimation
long and indirect circuitous
indirect way of expressing something circumlocution , indirect expression
indirect expression circumlocution , periphrasis
spread by direct or indirect contact communicable , contagious , infectious , transmissible
fire delivered to neutralize or destroy indirect fire weapon systems counterbattery fire
noun that is indirect object of verb in some languages like Latin dative
category of nouns serving as the indirect object of a verb dative , dative case
indirect route detour
transitive verb that takes both a direct and an indirect object doubly transitive verb , doubly transitive verb form
result of event or action, indirect fallout , repercussion , reverberation
fluorochrome commonly conjugated with antibodies for use in indirect immunofluorescence fluorescein isocyanate , fluorescein isothiocyanate
inexplicitness as a consequence of being implied or indirect implicitness
indirect procedure or action indirection
indirect (and usually malicious) implication innuendo , insinuation
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