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cylindrical spikelike inflorescence ament , catkin
modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence bract
flat-topped or convex inflorescence in which the individual flower stalks grow upward from various points on the main stem to approximately the same height; outer flowers open first corymb
inflorescence consisting of a cluster of flowers flower cluster
fruiting stage of the inflorescence infructescence
highly conspicuous bract or bract pair or ring of bracts at the base of an inflorescence involucre
small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence; an ultimate division of a common peduncle pedicel , pedicle
stalk bearing an inflorescence or solitary flower peduncle
axis of a compound leaf or compound inflorescence rachis
branch of an umbel or an umbelliform inflorescence ray
conspicuous bract surrounding or subtending a spadix or other inflorescence spathe
(botany) an indeterminate inflorescence bearing sessile flowers on an unbranched axis spike
flat-topped or rounded inflorescence characteristic of the family Umbelliferae in which the individual flower stalks arise from about the same point; youngest flowers are at the center umbel
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