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fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed bill anhinga , darter , snakebird
inland region backcountry , hinterland
large saltwater lake between Iran and Russia fed by the Volga River; the largest inland body of water in the world Caspian , Caspian Sea
large diverse order of aquatic birds found along seacoasts and inland waters: shorebirds and coastal diving birds; most feed on anima life Charadriiformes , order Charadriiformes
American plover of inland waters and fields having a distinctive cry Charadrius vociferus , kildeer , killdeer , killdeer plover
sea through another country, strip of land allowing inland country access to corridor
short river flowing from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie along the border between the United States and Canada; one the busiest inland waterways in the world Detroit River
slender inland rein orchid similar to coastal rein orchid but with pale greenish-yellow flowers elegant Habenaria , Habenaria elegans
baylike body of water extending inland to meet mouth of river estuary
inland waterway 1000 miles long in eastern China; extends from Tianjin in the north to Hangzhou in the south Grand Canal
inland marsh-dwelling birds with long legs and necks and bills that wade in water in search of food: cranes; rails; bustards Gruiformes , order Gruiformes
long-legged three-toed black-and-white wading bird of inland ponds and marshes or brackish lagoons Himantopus stilt , long-legs , longlegs , stilt , stiltbird , stilt plover
inland sea in northern Canada Hudson Bay
inland body of water lake
inland, confined landlocked
inland sea in northwestern Turkey; linked to the Black Sea by the Bosporus and linked to the Aegean by the Dardanelles Marmara , Marmara Denizi , Marmora , Sea of Marmara , Sea of Marmora
largest inland sea; between Europe and Africa and Asia Mediterranean , Mediterranean Sea
vast arid plain of southern Australia stretching inland from the Great Australian Bight; has sparse vegetation and no surface water and is almost uninhabited; the site of a major rocket research center Nullarbor Plain
smallest of the four main islands of Japan; south of Honshu and east of Kyushu; separated from Honshu by the Inland Sea; forested and mountainous Shikoku
city on the Rhine in eastern France near the German border; an inland port Strasbourg , Strassburg
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