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leek producing bulbils instead of flowers; Russia and Iran Allium paradoxum , few-flowered leek
use of closed-class words instead of inflections: e.g., `the father of the bride' instead of `the bride's father' analysis
using a pronoun or similar word instead of repeating a word used earlier anaphora
stick used instead of a sword for fencing backsword , fencing stick , singlestick
sauce like hollandaise but made with white wine and tarragon and shallots instead of lemon juice bearnaise
creamy white sauce made with bread instead of flour and seasoned with cloves and onion bread sauce
solo dance similar to a fan dance except large balloons are used instead of fans bubble dance
pilaf made with bulgur wheat instead of rice and usually without meat bulgur pilaf
card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls calling card , phone card
peavey having a hook instead of a spike; used for handling logs cant hook
cellulose acetate that is relatively slow to burn; used instead of celluloid for motion-picture film cellulose triacetate , triacetate
adsorption (especially when irreversible) by means of chemical instead of physical forces chemisorption , chemosorption
small cigar or cigarette wrapped in tobacco instead of paper cigarillo
in some classifications considered a separate phylum: microscopic arachnid-like invertebrates living in water or damp moss having 4 pairs of legs and instead of a mouth a pair of stylets or needlelike piercing organs connected with the pharynx class Tardigrada , Tardigrada
user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon CLI , command line interface
practitioner (of medicine or psychology) who does clinical work instead of laboratory experiments clinician
congenital defect in which the top of the head is depressed (concave instead of convex) clinocephalism , clinocephaly
slender tropical fish with a long tubular snout and bony plates instead of scales cornetfish
hunting with dogs (usually greyhounds) that are trained to chase game (such as hares) by sight instead of by scent coursing
punch served in a pitcher instead of a punch bowl cup
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