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statistician of insurance risks, premiums actuary
calculator of risks in insurance actuary
insurance risk and premium calculator actuary
person who figures out insurance premiums and risks actuary
someone versed in the collection and interpretation of numerical data (especially someone who uses statistics to calculate insurance premiums) actuary , statistician
one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement adjuster , adjustor , claim agent , claims adjuster , claims adjustor
insurance fixed annual payments for lump sum return annuity
document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation) appraisal , estimate , estimation
British term for some kinds of insurance assurance
insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents automobile insurance , car insurance
British economist (born in India) whose report on social insurance provided the basis for most of the social legislation on which the welfare state in the United Kingdom is based (1879-1963) Beveridge , First Baron Beveridge , William Henry Beveridge
expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance); it does not include depreciation or the cost of financing or income taxes budget items , operating cost , operating expense , overhead
insurance that provides protection for the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in commercial activities due to the occurrence of a peril business interruption insurance
state capital of Connecticut; located in central Connecticut on the Connecticut river; a center of the insurance business capital of Connecticut , Hartford
amount that the insurance company will pay on a given life insurance policy if the policy is cancelled prior to the death of the insured cash surrender value
insurance issued jointly by two or more underwriters coinsurance
insurance coverage, wide-ranging comprehensive
total amount and type of insurance carried coverage , insurance coverage
insurance or pension money payable to a beneficiary of a deceased death benefit
clause in an insurance policy that relieves the insurer of responsibility to pay the initial loss up to a stated amount deductible
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