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type of serial music introduced by Arnold Schoenberg; uses a tone row formed by the twelve semitones of the chromatic scale (and inverted or backward versions of the row) 12-tone music , 12-tone system , twelve-tone music , twelve-tone system
perennial South African grass having densely clumped flimsy stems; introduced into United States especially for erosion control African love grass , Eragrostis curvula , weeping love grass
United States dancer and choreographer who introduced formal dance to a wide audience (born in 1905) Agnes de Mille , Agnes George de Mille , de Mille
Asiatic grass introduced into United States rangelands for pasture and fodder Agropyron intermedium , Elymus hispidus , intermediate wheatgrass
widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its fragrant flowers and colorful fruits; introduced in Jamaica by William Bligh akee , akee tree , Blighia sapida
son of Nicholas I who, as czar of Russia, introduced reforms that included limited emancipation of the serfs (1818-1881) Alexander II , Alexander the Liberator , Czar Alexander II
native to Europe but introduced in America Alnus incana , gray alder , grey alder
annual weed with finely divided foliage and spikes of green flowers; common in North America; introduced elsewhere accidentally Ambrosia artemisiifolia , common ragweed
introduced into United States from the Orient; larvae feed on roots of sugarcane and other grasses Anomala orientalis , Asiatic beetle , Oriental beetle
coarse erect biennial Old World herb introduced as a weed in eastern North America Anthriscus sylvestris , cow parsley , wild chervil
coarse perennial Eurasian grass resembling oat; found on roadside verges and rough grassland and in hay meadows; introduced in North America for forage Arrhenatherum elatius , evergreen grass , false oat , French rye , tall meadow grass , tall oat grass
European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in America babies' slippers , bacon and eggs , bird's foot clover , bird's foot trefoil , Lotus corniculatus
battle in World War I (1917); an Allied offensive which eventually failed because tanks bogged down in the waterlogged soil of Flanders; Germans introduced mustard gas which interfered with the Allied artillery battle of Ypres , third battle of Ypres , Ypres
introduced into the United States from Mexico; feeds on the foliage of the bean plant bean beetle , Epilachna varivestis , Mexican bean beetle
United States clarinetist who in 1934 formed a big band (including Black as well as White musicians) and introduced a kind of jazz known as swing (1909-1986) Benjamin David Goodman , Benny Goodman , Goodman , King of Swing
Old World wild swine having a narrow body and prominent tusks from which most domestic swine come; introduced in United States boar , Sus scrofa , wild boar
Australian tree resembling the banyan often planted for ornament; introduced into South Africa for brushwood Botany Bay fig , Ficus rubiginosa , little-leaf fig , Port Jackson fig , rusty rig
British anthropologist (born in Poland) who introduced the technique of the participant observer (1884-1942) Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski , Bronislaw Malinowski , Malinowski
North American freshwater trout; introduced in Europe brook trout , Salvelinus fontinalis , speckled trout
speckled trout of European rivers; introduced in North America brown trout , salmon trout , Salmo trutta
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