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reasoning to conclusion, rather than intuition discursive
guess by intuition divine
know by intuition divine
German philosopher who advocated intuition over reason (1744-1803) Herder , Johann Gottfried von Herder
sudden intuition as part of solving a problem inspiration
(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired primarily by intuition intuitionism
problem, intuition used to solve lateral thinking
form of empiricism that bases all knowledge on perceptual experience (not on intuition or revelation) logical positivism , positivism
perception or intuition mood
reasoning or intuition, something known by noumenon
any state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning phenomenon
reasoning or intuition opposite phenomenon
experience and intuition as independent entities transcendental
philosophy advocating spiritual intuition as a means of finding reality transcendentalism
school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith; China and Japan Zen , Zen Buddhism
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