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naval battle of World War II (June 1942); American planes based on land and on carriers decisively defeated a Japanese fleet on its way to invade the Midway Islands Battle of Midway , Midway
in the English Channel a small fleet of British ships successfully defeated the large armada sent from Spain by Philip II to invade England Battle of the Spanish Armada
large family of endoparasitic amebas that invade the digestive tract Endamoebidae , family Endamoebidae
invade without being invited or wanted intrude
parasite of arthropods and fishes that invade and destroy host cells microsporidian
king of Spain and Portugal and husband of Mary I; he supported the Counter Reformation and sent the Spanish Armada to invade England (1527-1598) Philip II , Philip II of Spain
especially dangerous and generally fatal form of the plague in which infecting organisms invade the bloodstream; does not spread from person to person septicemic plague
King of England and Scotland and Ireland; he married the daughter of James II and was invited by opponents of James II to invade England; when James fled, William III and Mary II were declared joint monarchs (1650-1702) William III , William of Orange
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