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doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid amoralism
someone who adheres to the doctrine that ordinary moral distinctions are invalid amoralist
make legally invalid annul
destroy by making invalid annul , invalidate , nullify , vitiate , void
render invalid cancel
invalid or incorrect reasoning illogic , illogicality , illogicalness , inconsequence
invalid and false inauthentic , spurious
contract invalid, to make a invalidate , nullify , vitiate , void
trial that is invalid or inconclusive mistrial
invalid and without force nugatory , powerless
invalid and unbinding null
unintentionally invalid argument paralogism
rejecting or disowning or disclaiming as invalid renunciation , repudiation
deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone sophism , sophistication , sophistry
invalid and sickly valetudinarian
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