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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments annuity , rente
kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price; when there is a difference in the price of something on two different markets the arbitrageur simultaneously buys at the lower price and sells at the higher price arbitrage
scientific research that requires massive capital investment but is expected to yield very significant results big science
investment shareholder bondholder , rentier
opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision; the rate of return that a business could earn if it chose another investment with equivalent risk capital cost , cost of capital
formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends certificate , security
regulated investment company that issues a fixed number of shares which are listed on a stock market closed-end fund , closed-end investment company
worth the investment or expense cost-effective
long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment depression , economic crisis , slump
bonus or benefit from investment or favor dividend
plan that allows employees to contribute to an investment pool managed the employer employee savings plan
regulated investment company that pays a stated amount to certificate holders on a stated maturity date face-amount certificate company
investment trust that can buy only those securities listed when the trust was organized fixed investment trust , nondiscretionary trust
bond that is an IOU on the United States Treasury; considered the safest security in the investment world government bond
flexible investment company for a small number of large investors (usually the minimum investment is $1 million); can use high-risk techniques (not allowed for mutual funds) such as short-selling and heavy leveraging hedgefund , hedge fund
letter of intent saying that a letter security is being bought for investment and not for resale; avoids need for SEC registration investment letter
investment banker who devises strategies to make a target company less attractive for takeover killer bee
readily convertible to cash, investment liquid
investment readily convertible to cash liquidity
investment vehicle money market fund
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