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Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the official language of Afghanistan Afghan , Afghani , Pashto , Pashtu , Paxto
ancient Iranian language Avestan , Gathic , Zend
Iranian religious leader of the Shiites; when Shah Pahlavi's regime fell Khomeini established a new constitution giving himself supreme powers (1900-1989) Ayatollah Khomeini , Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini , Khomeini , Ruholla Khomeini
Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf Balochi , Baluchi
Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan Dari , Dari Persian
person of Iranian descent Farsi
Shiite terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran; seeks to create an Iranian fundamentalist Islamic state in Lebanon; car bombs are the signature weapon Hezbollah , Hizballah , Hizbollah , Hizbullah , Islamic Jihad , Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine , Lebanese Hizballah , Organization of the Oppressed on Earth , Party of God , Revolutionary Justice Organization
branch of the Indo-Iranian family of languages Indic , Indo-Aryan
branch of the Indo-European family of languages including the Indic and Iranian language groups Indo-Iranian , Indo-Iranian language
Iranian language spoken in Turkey and Iran and Iraq and Syria and Russia Kurdish
terrorist organization formed in the 1960s by children of Iranian merchants; sought to counter the Shah of Iran's pro-Western policies of modernization and opposition to communism; following a philosophy that mixes Marxism and Islam it now attacks the Isl MEK , MKO , Mujahidin-e Khalq Organization , People's Mujahidin of Iran
Iranian guerillas based in Iraq Mujahedeen Khalq
northeastern Iranian language spoken in Russia Ossete
Iranian language of the Zoroastrian literature of the 3rd to 10th centuries Pahlavi
Iranian language spoken by the ancient Scythians Scythian
(Islam) a form of Iranian musical pageant that is the theatrical expression of religious passion; based on the Battle of Kerbala and performed annually (in Farsi) Ta'ziyeh
Iranian language of the Tajik that is closely related to Farsi; spoken in Iran and Tajikistan Tadzhik , Tajik , Tajiki
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