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Brazilian shrub having twice-pinnate leaves and small spicate flowers followed by flat or irregularly torulose pods; sometimes placed in genus Piptadenia Anadenanthera colubrina , Piptadenia macrocarpa
irregularly shaped spot blotch , splodge , splotch
small or medium irregularly branched tree of the Pacific coast of North America; yields fine hard close-grained wood California yew , Pacific yew , Taxus brevifolia , western yew
irregularly edged corrugated , jagged , pinked , serrated
quilt of irregularly shaped, multicolored pieces crazy quilt
having irregularly cross-banded back; of arid foothills and canyons of southern Arizona and Mexico Crotalus tigris , tiger rattlesnake
any cactus of the genus Epiphyllum having flattened jointed irregularly branching stems and showy tubular flowers epiphyllum , orchid cactus
irregularly notched erose
change or vary often, irregularly fluctuate
shake rapidly and irregularly flutter , judder
move irregularly gurgle
helvella with an irregularly convoluted cap that is dark brown when young and becomes dull grey with age; the lower surface of the cap is smooth and pale grey; the stalk is thick and deeply fluted Helvella sulcata
randomly, occurring irregularly or intermittent , sporadic
increase rapidly and irregularly irrupt
either of two irregularly shaped bones that form the back of the hard palate and helps to form the nasal cavity and the floor of the orbits os palatinum , palatine , palatine bone
occurring irregularly spasmodic
irregularly shaped area on either side of the cranium where the frontal bone and the anterior tip of the parietal bone and the temporal bone and the greater wing of the sphenoid bone meet; corresponds to the pterion when bones have ossified sphenoidal fontanel , sphenoidal fontanelle , sphenoid fontanel , sphenoid fontanelle
growing irregularly straggly
rhythm with irregularly stressed beat syncopation
move irregularly at sea yaw
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