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abnormal deficiency or absence of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice; often associated with severe anemias and cancer of the stomach achlorhydria
sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice ade , fruit drink
plant, native to Africa, that yields a medicinal juice aloe
very short-stemmed plant with thick leaves with soothing mucilaginous juice; leaves develop spiny margins with maturity; native to Mediterranean region; grown widely in tropics and as houseplants Aloe vera , burn plant
pale red sour cherry with colorless or nearly colorless juice amarelle
any of several cultivated sour cherry trees bearing pale red fruit with colorless juice amarelle , Prunus cerasus caproniana
genus of herbs and subshrubs with milky juice and showy bluish flowers; Europe to Asia Minor to Japan and North America Amsonia , genus Amsonia
any of a group of proteins found in saliva and pancreatic juice and parts of plants; help convert starch to sugar amylase
cashew family; trees and shrubs and vines having resinous (sometimes poisonous) juice; includes cashew and mango and pistachio and poison ivy and sumac Anacardiaceae , family Anacardiaceae , sumac family
chiefly tropical trees or shrubs or herbs having milky juice and often showy flowers; many are sources of drugs Apocynaceae , dogbane family , family Apocynaceae
jelly made from apple juice apple jelly
juice of apples apple juice
genus of edible mushrooms having white spores an annulus and blue juice; some are edible; some cause root rot Armillaria , genus Armillaria
widely distributed family of herbs and shrubs of the order Gentianales; most with milky juice Asclepiadaceae , family Asclepiadaceae , milkweed family
dry dusty pulp that remains after juice is extracted from sugar cane or similar plants bagasse
sauce like hollandaise but made with white wine and tarragon and shallots instead of lemon juice bearnaise
dried juice of the dhak tree; used as an astringent Bengal kino , butea gum , butea kino , gum butea
clarified butter browned slowly and seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and capers beurre noisette , brown butter
digestive juice secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder; aids in the digestion of fats bile , gall
deciduous South African tree having large odd-pinnate leaves and profuse fragrant orange-yellow flowers; yields a red juice and heavy strong durable wood bloodwood tree , kiaat , Pterocarpus angolensis
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