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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser; printed on consumer product packages to identify the item for a computer that provides the price and registers inventory information bar code , Universal Product Code
5,000 pound laser-guided bomb that can be programmed to penetrate to a given depth before exploding; used to penetrate hardened underground facilities Bunker Buster , GBU-28 , Guided Bomb Unit-28
device that scans compact disks using a laser CD player
recording media on laser-read disc CD , compact disc
digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record; played back by a laser CD , compact disc , compact disk
small optical laser-made disk containing information compact disc
branch of chemistry that studies elementary (often very fast) chemical reactions as they occur; the experimental methods are often based on the use of femtosecond laser pulses femtochemistry
lifelike three-dimensional image produced by laser hologram
three-dimensional image created with laser hologram , holograph
laser-made 3-D image of object hologram , holograph
branch of optics that deals with the use of coherent light from a laser in order to make a hologram that can then be used to create a three-dimensional image holography
optical device consisting of a transparent cell with two electrodes between two polarizing media; passes light only if the two planes of polarization are parallel; used as a high-speed shutter or to modulate a laser beam Kerr cell
beam of light generated by a laser laser beam
electrostatic printer that focuses a laser beam to form images that are transferred to paper electrostatically laser printer
smart bomb that seeks the laser light reflected off of the target and uses it to correct its descent laser-guided bomb , LGB
measuring system that detects and locates objects on the same principle as radar but uses light from a laser; a potential technology for detecting air turbulence that can affect aircraft lidar
acronym for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; an amplifier that works on the same principle as a laser and emits coherent microwave radiation maser
disk coated with plastic that can store digital data as tiny pits etched in the surface; is read with a laser that scans the surface optical disc , optical disk
surgical procedure that uses an intense laser beam to destroy diseased retinal tissue or to make a scar that will hold the retina in cases of detached retina photocoagulation
surgical instrument containing a laser for use in photocoagulation photocoagulator
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