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leather made from alligator's hide alligator
garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing apron
chair, leather, armless Barcelona chair
originally a British youth subculture that evolved out of the teddy boys in the 1960s; wore black leather jackets and jeans and boots; had greased hair and rode motorcycles and listened to rock'n'roll; were largely unskilled manual laborers bikers , rockers
piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people blackjack , cosh , sap
blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side blinder , blinker , winker
small sharp-pointed tool for punching holes in leather or fabric bodkin
liquid portion of bone fat; used as a lubricant and in leather manufacture bone oil
wine bottle made of leather bota
black calfskin leather tanned with chromium salts box calf
band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist bracelet , watchband , watch bracelet , watchstrap , wristband
medieval coat of chain mail consisting of metal rings sewn onto leather or cloth brigandine
soft yellowish suede leather originally from deerskin but now usually from sheepskin buckskin
soft thick undyed leather from the skins of e.g. buffalo or oxen buff
light, brown thick leather buff
fine leather from the skin of a calf calf , calfskin
leather whip cat-o'-nine-tails
soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskin chammy , chammy leather , chamois , chamois leather , shammy , shammy leather
leather of goat antelope, soft chamois
(usually in the plural) leather leggings without a seat; joined by a belt; often have flared outer flaps; worn over trousers by cowboys to protect their legs chap
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