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broad-leaved evergreen Asiatic shrub with glossy leaves and drooping clusters of white flowers andromeda , Japanese andromeda , lily-of-the-valley tree , Pieris japonica
silky-leaved aromatic perennial of dry northern parts of the northern hemisphere; has tawny florets Artemisia frigida , prairie sagewort , wormwood sage
any of various deciduous pinnate-leaved ornamental or timber trees of the genus Fraxinus ash , ash tree
Eurasian aromatic oak-leaved goosefoot with many yellow-green flowers; naturalized North America Atriplex mexicana , Chenopodium botrys , feather geranium , Jerusalem oak , Mexican tea
digitate-leaved hellebore with an offensive odor and irritant qualities when taken internally bear's foot , Helleborus foetidus , setterwort , stinking hellebore
young broad-leaved endive plant deprived of light to form a narrow whitish head Belgian endive , French endive , witloof
low-growing fan-leaved palm of coastal southern United States having edible leaf buds cabbage palm , cabbage palmetto , Sabal palmetto
silvery-leaved California herb with purple flowers chaparral sage , purple sage , Salvia leucophylla
pinnate-leaved European perennial having bright blue or white flowers charity , Greek valerian , Jacob's ladder , Polemonium caeruleum , Polemonium van-bruntiae , Polymonium caeruleum van-bruntiae
stiff leathery-leaved fern of western North America having ovate fronds parted to the midrib coast polypody , leatherleaf , leathery polypody , Polypodium scouleri
large-leaved palm of Malay to Philippines and northern Australia; leaves used for thatching or plaiting into containers Corypha gebanga , Corypha utan , gebang palm
spiny-leaved perennial herb of southern Europe having terminal clusters of small flowers drypis
fine-leaved aquatic spike rush; popular as aerator for aquariums Eleocharis acicularis , hair grass , needle rush , needle spike rush , slender spike rush
broad spreading rough-leaved elm common throughout Europe and planted elsewhere English elm , European elm , Ulmus procera
small two-leaved herb of the northern United States and parts of Canada having racemes of small fragrant white flowers false lily of the valley , Maianthemum canadense
genus of pinnate-leaved shrubs and small trees of tropical and subtropical North and South America and India and West Africa genus Calliandra
one species: tansy-leaved rocket genus Hugueninia , Hugueninia
genus of Malayan pinnate-leaved palm trees that flower and fruit once and then die genus Metroxylon , Metroxylon
large monocotyledonous genus of pinnate-leaved palms found in Asia and Africa genus Phoenix , phoenix
genus of narrow-leaved European herbs genus Scorzonera
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