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lens defect aberration
optical phenomenon resulting from the failure of a lens or mirror to produce a good image aberration , distortion , optical aberration
(physiology) the automatic adjustment in focal length of the lens of the eye accommodation
compound lens system that forms an image free from chromatic aberration achromatic lens
simple protein found in horny and cartilaginous tissues and in the lens of the eye albuminoid , scleroprotein
process of producing pictures in contrasting colors that appear three-dimensional when superimposed and viewed through spectacles with one red and one green lens anaglyphy
compound lens or lens system designed to be free of astigmatism and able to form approximately point images anastigmat
lens designed to correct astigmatism anastigmatic lens
angle included by a photographic lens angle of view , view angle
lens, device in optical instrument limiting light to aperture
hole especially in a photographic lens aperture
absence of the natural lens of the eye (usually resulting from the removal of cataracts) aphakia
limpid fluid within the eyeball between the cornea and the lens aqueous humor , aqueous humour
lens irregularity causing faulty image astigmatism
French physicist who invented polarized light and invented the Fresnel lens (1788-1827) Augustin Jean Fresnel , Fresnel
medical instrument consisting of a magnifying lens and light; used for examining the external ear (the auditory meatus and especially the tympanic membrane) auriscope , auroscope , otoscope
lens with two prescriptions bifocal
lamp consisting of a flame directed at a cylinder of lime with a lens to concentrate the light; formerly used for stage lighting calcium light , limelight
lens that focuses the image in a camera camera lens , optical lens
darkened enclosure in which images of outside objects are projected through a small aperture or lens onto a facing surface camera obscura
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