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lessen the extent of abbreviate , abridge , curtail , truncate
lessen intensity of allay , alleviate , assuage , palliate , slacken
lessen strength or purity attenuate , dilute
lessen air intake choke
lessen volume or size compress , condense , contract , shrink
lessen scope or freedom constrict
lessen size of herd cull
something to lessen the effect of negative events cushion
lessen greatly or empty decimate , deplete
lessen a reputation, tending to derogatory , disparaging , pejorative
divert or lessen detract
lessen the value of downgrade
lessen the strength of enervate
lessen guilt of offense extenuate
blame, offer excuses to lessen extenuate
lessen the seriousness of extenuate , mitigate
guilt, to try to lessen seriousness of extenuate , mitigate
excuses, to lessen or attempt to lessen blame with extenuate , mitigate
crime, to lessen the seriousness of a extenuate , mitigate
seriousness of, lessen the extenuate , mitigate
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