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vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song) ablaut
linguistic element added to a word to produce an inflected or derived form affix
linguistic process by which a sound becomes similar to an adjacent sound assimilation
rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written) barrage , bombardment , onslaught , outpouring
linguistic elements, arrangement of collocation , syntax
use of computers for linguistic research and applications computational linguistics
grammatical relation between linguistic units (words or phrases or clauses) that are connected by a conjunction conjunction
coordination by conjunction of linguistic units of the same status coordinating conjunction
actual object referred to by a linguistic expression denotatum
something (whether existing or not) that is referred to by a linguistic expression designatum
study of linguistic change diachronic linguistics , diachrony , historical linguistics
atlas showing the distribution of distinctive linguistic features dialect atlas , linguistic atlas
study of the geographical distribution of linguistic features dialect geography , linguistic geography
(computer science) a natural language processing application that tries to determine the intended meaning of a word or phrase by examining the linguistic context in which it is used disambiguator
linguistic process by which one of two similar sounds in a word becomes less like the other dissimilation
process of linguistic change over a period of time drift
simple form inferred as the common basis from which related words in several languages can be derived by linguistic processes etymon , root
English linguist who contributed to linguistic semantics and to prosodic phonology and who was noted for his insistence on studying both sound and meaning in context (1890-1960) Firth , J. R. Firth , John Rupert Firth
linguistic relation established by grammar grammatical relation
linguistic rule for the syntax of grammatical utterances grammatical rule , rule of grammar
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