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menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices a la carte
regulated investment company that issues a fixed number of shares which are listed on a stock market closed-end fund , closed-end investment company
stock market for trading in securities not listed on the New York Stock Exchange curb market
indicator of stock market prices; based on the share values of 30 blue-chip stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange Dow-Jones Industrial Average , Dow Jones
investment trust that can buy only those securities listed when the trust was organized fixed investment trust , nondiscretionary trust
item listed in an inventory inventory item
stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange OTC stock , over the counter stock , unlisted stock
stock not listed or available on officially recognized stock exchange over-the-counter
book in which names and transactions are listed register
letters used to identify listed companies on the securities exchanges where they are traded stock symbol
(computer science) a directory that is listed in another directory subdirectory
stock or securities not listed on a stock exchange unlisted
telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on white paper) where the names of people are listed alphabetically along with their telephone numbers white pages
vote cast by writing in the name of a candidate who is not listed on the ballot write-in
telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising yellow pages
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