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any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium) alkali metal , alkaline metal
white or grey mineral consisting of lithium aluminum phosphate; a source of lithium amblygonite
mineral of the mica group; an important source of lithium lepidolite
mineral water containing lithium salts lithia water
combustible material (usually salts of lithium or strontium) that burns bright red; used in flares and fireworks red fire
pyroxene mineral consisting of lithium aluminum silicate; a source of lithium spodumene
mineral that is a complex borosilicate and hydroxide of aluminum containing iron and magnesium and calcium and lithium and sodium; it is usually black but occurs in transparent colored forms that are used as gemstones tourmaline
mica containing iron and lithium zinnwaldite
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