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small fast-growing but short-lived fir of southern Alleghenies similar to balsam fir but with very short leaves Abies fraseri , Fraser fir
Native American who lived in what is now southern Colorado and Utah and northern Arizona and New Mexico and who built cliff dwellings Anasazi
person who lived in ancient times ancient
people who lived in times long past (especially during the historical period before the fall of the Roman Empire in western Europe) ancients
small short-lived fern of Central and South America annual fern , Anogramma leptophylla , Jersey fern
any of the early patriarchs who lived prior to the Noachian deluge antediluvian , antediluvian patriarch
member of the Caddo people who formerly lived in the Dakotas west of the Missouri river Aricara , Arikara
short-lived radioactive metallic element formed from uranium and disintegrating into actinium and then into lead atomic number 91 , Pa , protactinium , protoactinium
exceedingly short-lived meson b-meson
Danish writer who lived in Kenya for 19 years and is remembered for her writings about Africa (1885-1962) Baroness Karen Blixen , Blixen , Dinesen , Isak Dinesen , Karen Blixen
(Roman Catholic Church) an act of the Pope who declares that a deceased person lived a holy life and is worthy of public veneration; a first step toward canonization beatification
playwright and novelist (born in Ireland) who lived in France; wrote plays for the theater of the absurd (1906-1989) Beckett , Samuel Beckett
inner circle of writers and artists and philosophers who lived in or around Bloomsbury early in the 20th century and were noted for their unconventional lifestyles Bloomsbury Group
member of one of the tribes of American Indians who lived a nomadic life following the buffalo in the Great Plains of North America Buffalo Indian , Plains Indian
showy erect biennial or short-lived perennial cultivated for its terminal racemes of orange-yellow flowers; sometimes placed in genus Cheiranthus Cheiranthus allionii , Erysimum allionii , Siberian wall flower
biennial or short-lived perennial prairie rocket having orange-yellow flowers; western North America to Minnesota and Kansas; sometimes placed in genus Cheiranthus Cheiranthus asperus , Erysimum arkansanum , Erysimum asperum , western wall flower
member of an Algonquian people who lived west of Lake Superior Chippewa , Ojibwa , Ojibway
age according to years lived chronological age
member of the Shoshonean people who formerly lived between Wyoming and the Mexican border but are now chiefly in Oklahoma Comanche
person who lived during the reign of Elizabeth I Elizabethan
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