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sliding bar in a breech-loading firearm that ejects an empty cartridge and replaces it and closes the breech bolt
metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing breechblock , breech closer
long-distance express freight train between industrial centers and seaports with facilities for rapid loading and unloading of goods freight liner , liner train
muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range howitzer , mortar , trench mortar
extendible bridge for loading passengers onto large commercial airplanes; provides protected access to the plane from the gate jet bridge
act of loading and unloading and moving goods within e.g. a factory especially using mechanical devices materials handling
muzzle loading cannon mortar
muzzle-loading shoulder gun with a long barrel; formerly used by infantrymen musket
loading dock quay
rod used to ram the charge into a muzzle-loading firearm ramrod
net hung between ship and pier while loading a ship save-all
pistol that is a semiautomatic firearm capable of loading and firing continuously semiautomatic , semiautomatic pistol
agent for the ship owner; obtains cargo and may arrange for its loading or discharge ship broker
loading wharf staithe
gate at the rear of a vehicle; can be lowered for loading tailboard , tailgate
crane for moving material with dispatch as in loading and unloading ships transporter
act or process of unloading and loading and servicing a vessel or aircraft for a return trip turnaround , turnround
shoreside structure for loading and docking boats wharf
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