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construction of robots to look like animals (developed for Disneyland) animatronics
look forward to anticipate , anticipate , await , expect
loving, longing look belgard
secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers blue wall , blue wall of silence , wall of silence
work of little or no value done merely to look busy boondoggle
look over browse , disregard , eye , ignore , scan , skim , survey
look for chase , seek
French couturier whose first collection in 1947 created a style that became known as the New Look (1905-1957) Christian Dior , Dior
tendency for a color to look the same under widely different viewing conditions color constancy , colour constancy
look for similarities compare
look down on condescend
look for differences contrast
quick look coup d'oeil , glance , glimpse
leather treated to look used or antique distressed
look that is believed to have the power of inflicting harm evil eye
look at closely examine
contact that occurs when two people look directly at each other eye contact
full view; a good look eyeful
quick look flash , glimpse
fisherman's lure consisting of a fishhook decorated to look like an insect fly
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