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younger than one's years, condition of looking agerasia
biased way of looking at or presenting something angle , slant
sea anemone or animal attaching to surfaces and looking like plants anthozoan , zoophyte
English historian who studied the rise and fall of civilizations looking for cyclical patterns (1889-1975) Arnold Joseph Toynbee , Arnold Toynbee , Toynbee
sad, looking baleful , doleful , gloomy , lugubrious
quality of being good looking and attractive beauteousness , comeliness , fairness , loveliness
very attractive or seductive looking woman beauty , dish , knockout , looker , lulu , mantrap , peach , ravisher , smasher , stunner , sweetheart
ugly evil-looking old woman beldam , beldame , crone , hag , witch
Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China (1451-1506) Christopher Columbus , Columbus , Cristobal Colon , Cristoforo Colombo
basket of flowers or fruit, ornament looking like corbeil
death, medical specialist looking into cause of coroner
shellfish looking like small lobster crawdad , crayfish , langouste
comprises tropical American species usually placed in genus Masdevallia: diminutive plants having bizarre and often sinister-looking flowers with pendulous scapes and motile lips Dracula , genus Dracula
radio receiver that moves automatically across some selected range of frequencies looking for some signal or condition electronic scanner , scanner
religious dance of native Americans looking for communication with the dead ghost dance
greedy woman looking for man gold digger
ashamed-looking hangdog , shamefaced
looking back hindsight , retrospect
activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone hunt , hunting , search
looking inward introspective
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