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social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century; vassals were protected by lords who they had to serve in war feudalism , feudal system
first of the three estates of the realm; the clergy in France and the lords spiritual in Britain first estate , lords spiritual
building in which the House of Commons and the House of Lords meet Houses of Parliament
highest officer of the Crown who is head of the judiciary and who presides in the House of Lords Lord Chancellor , Lord High Chancellor
king of France who increased the power of the crown over the feudal lords (1187-1226) Louis VIII
terrorist organization in South Africa formed in 1996 to fight drug lords; evolved into a vigilante group with anti Western views closely allied with Qibla; is believed to have ties to Islamic extremists in the Middle East; is suspected of conducting bout PAGAD , People against Gangsterism and Drugs
peer who is entitled to sit in the House of Lords peer of the realm
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