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town in Louisiana on the Red River Alexandria
dusky grey food fish found from Louisiana and Florida southward Anisotremus surinamensis , black margate , pompon
language spoken by the Atakapa of the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas Atakapa , Atakapan , Attacapa , Attacapan
member of an Indian people formerly living along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas Atakapa , Attacapan
capital of Louisiana Baton Rouge , capital of Louisiana
swampy arm or slow-moving outlet of a lake (term used mainly in Mississippi and Louisiana) bayou
group of Plains Indians formerly living in what is now North and South Dakota and Nebraska and Kansas and Arkansas and Louisiana and Oklahoma and Texas Caddo
descendant of Acadian French in Louisiana or their language Cajun
Louisiana, person from southern Cajun
United States writer who described Creole life in Louisiana (1851-1904) Chopin , Kate Chopin , Kate O'Flaherty Chopin
Louisiana cooking creole
person descended from French ancestors in southern United States (especially Louisiana) Creole
southeastern region of the United States: South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana; prior to the American Civil War all these states produced cotton and permitted slavery Deep South
region of the United States comprising states bordering the Gulf of Mexico; Alabama and Florida and Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas Gulf States
3rd President of the United States; chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence; made the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and sent out the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore it (1743-1826) Jefferson , President Jefferson , Thomas Jefferson
town in south central Louisiana; settled by Acadians Lafayette
French explorer who claimed Louisiana for France (1643-1687) LaSalle , Rene-Robert Cavelier , Sieur de LaSalle
native or resident of Louisiana Louisianan , Louisianian
town in north central Louisiana Monroe
town in southeast Louisiana south of Baton Rouge Morgan City
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