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of southeastern United States swamps and lowlands canecutter , swamp hare , swamp rabbit , Sylvilagus aquaticus
large plateau south and west of the Rocky Mountains; abuts mountains on the north and east and ends in an escarpment overlooking lowlands to the south and west; the Grand Canyon is carved out of the southwestern corner Colorado Plateau
large almost cosmopolitan genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs and herbs with often showy yellow flowers; cosmopolitan except tropical lowlands and arctic or high altitudes and desert regions genus Hypericum , Hypericum
dialect of English spoken in the Lowlands of Scotland Lallans , Scottish Lallans
native of the Lowlands of Scotland Lowlander , Lowland Scot , Scottish Lowlander
industrial city in northwestern Czech Republic in the Moravian lowlands; located in the coal mining area of Silesia Ostrava
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