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loyalty to a person, governing body, or cause allegiance
loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign) allegiance , fealty
loyalty to the USA and its institutions Americanism
song of devotion or loyalty (as to a nation or school) anthem
traditional code of the Japanese samurai which stressed courage and loyalty and self-discipline and simple living Bushido
loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole communalism
employee whose first loyalty is to the company rather than to fellow workers company man
destroying someone's (or some group's) honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity corruption , subversion
loyalty destroyed disaffection
loyalty to group esprit de corps , fellowship
loyalty or allegiance to a cause or a person faith
loyalty, expression of fealty , homage
white male Southerner with an unpretentious convivial manner and conservative or intolerant attitudes and a strong sense of fellowship with and loyalty to other members of his peer group good ol' boy , good old boy , good ole boy
loyalty to the interests of a particular region regionalism
loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty staunchness , steadfastness
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