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small carnivorous freshwater percoid fishes of North America usually having a laterally compressed body and metallic luster: crappies; black bass; bluegills; pumpkinseed centrarchid , sunfish
changeable in luster chatoyant
gemstone with changeable luster chatoyant
small blunt-nosed fish of Great Lakes and Mississippi valley with a greenish luster emerald shiner , Notropis atherinoides
bottom-dwellers having large eyes with metallic green luster greeneye
sewing thread treated to reduce shrinkage, increase luster and affinity for dye mercerize
transparent or translucent gemstone with a pearly luster; some specimens are orthoclase feldspar and others are plagioclase feldspar moonstone
pearl of high quality, luster of orient
hard yellowish wood of a satinwood tree having a satiny luster; used for fine cabinetwork and tools satinwood
dark grey mineral with a metallic luster that is a source of tin stannite , tin pyrites
diamond, transparency and luster of water
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