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particularly potent variety of marijuana Acapulco gold , Mexican green
resin obtained from the hemp plant; thought to be the active narcotic agent in marijuana cannabin , cannabis resin
street names for marijuana dope , gage , grass , green goddess , locoweed , Mary Jane , pot , sens , sess , skunk , smoke , weed
psychoactive substance present in marijuana; used therapeutically to control nausea associated with cancer therapy dronabinol
marijuana cigarette joint
marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking joint , marijuana cigarette , reefer , spliff , stick
geniality, as through the effects of alcohol or marijuana mellowness
plot of ground where marijuana is grown and harvested (often hidden in a national forest) pot farm
someone who smokes marijuana habitually pothead
Black youth subculture and religious movement that arose in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1950s; Rastafarians regard Ras Tafari as divine; males grow hair in long dreadlocks and wear woolen caps; use marijuana and listen to reggae music Rastafari , Rastas
butt of a marijuana cigarette roach
metal tweezers used by marijuana smokers to hold a roach roach clip , roach holder
psychoactive substance present in marijuana tetrahydrocannabinol , THC
puff of a marijuana or hashish cigarette toke
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