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vine widely distributed in eastern North America producing racemes of purple to maroon flowers and abundant (usually subterranean) edible one-seeded pods resembling peanuts Amphicarpa bracteata , Amphicarpaea bracteata , hog peanut , wild peanut
tuberous perennial having a cowl-shaped maroon or violet-black spathe; Mediterranean; Canaries; Azores Arisarum vulgare , friar's-cowl
tufted evergreen perennial herb having spikes of tiny white flowers and glossy green round to heart-shaped leaves that become coppery to maroon or purplish in fall beetleweed , coltsfoot , galax , Galax urceolata , galaxy , wandflower
perennial twining vine of Old World tropics having trifoliate leaves and racemes of fragrant purple pea-like flowers followed by maroon pods of edible seeds; grown as an ornamental and as a vegetable on the Indian subcontinent; sometimes placed in genus D bonavist , Dolichos lablab , Egyptian bean , hyacinth bean , Indian bean , Lablab purpureus
small shrubby spiny tree cultivated for its maroon-purple fruit with sweet purple pulp tasting like gooseberries; Sri Lanka and India Ceylon gooseberry , Dovyalis hebecarpa , ketembilla , ketembilla tree , kitambilla , kitembilla
Eurasian checkered lily with pendant flowers usually veined and checkered with purple or maroon on a pale ground and shaped like the bells carried by lepers in medieval times; widely grown as an ornamental checkered daffodil , Fritillaria meleagris , guinea-hen flower , leper lily , snake's head fritillary
maroon to purple-brown orchid with yellow lip; Europe, North America and Japan Cypripedium calceolus , Cypripedium parviflorum , yellow lady's slipper , yellow lady-slipper
erect deciduous shrub or tree to 10 feet with maroon flowers; New Zealand Fuchsia excorticata , konini , native fuchsia , tree fuchsia
maroon-purple gooseberry-like fruit of India having tart-sweet purple pulp used especially for preserves ketembilla , kitambilla , kitembilla
lily of western United States having orange-red to crimson maroon-spotted flowers leopard lily , Lilium pardalinum , panther lily
lily of the eastern United States with orange to red maroon-spotted flowers Lilium superbum , Turk's-cap , Turk's cap-lily
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